In the spirit of fair play, ease-of-use, and respect for this medium,​​
I am now complying to the GVAA Rate Guide.
You will find it here:

​I will deliver your final waveform files to you in WAV or mp3 format, ​​
transferred by email, FTP or on a CD through regular mail.

Payment can be satisfied through:

​-Direct Deposit
-Email transfer
-Certified cheque*

 * Any method of payment that depends upon a time period for 'clearing',

will necessitate a withholding of part of the voiceover read until all is well.

*Custom auditions of a portion of your script, are free.​​
*Deposit amounts should be in Canadian dollars.
*Rates in question may be negotiable. (Not every job fits)
*Two script corrections of a few words will be allowed for free.
*Errors on my part will be corrected free.