My Direction with Clients

My Direction with Work

​I will deliver your vocal waveform files to you in WAV or mp3 format.
Live Directed Session Capabilities including Phone, Skype and smoke signals when the wind is right.

Payment can be satisfied through:

-Email transfer
-Any method of payment that depends upon a time period for 'clearing', will necessitate a withholding of part of the voiceover read until all is well.  SEE PRICING PAGE here
I truly understand  you, the client's,  NEED  ...to have this done 'yesterday', so I will work on your project whenever I have a free moment. I am only one person, and Life can be mercurial, but I will treat your need with seriousness in this regard. 
If you have a moment, please leave a comment HERE , good or bad. I'll use the good ones, just below in TESTIMONIALS,...
and the bad ones to try to improve on.
Anyone I deal with ....will be treated with fairness, attention, honesty, enthusiasm and care. The business community would view the following as a great error to mention, but using my Time....to create something of purpose and quality.....is more important to me than the acquisition of Money.  This attitude, though, demands the reciprication of fairness & honesty so as not to become a doormat. After this, let me say, I am laid-back and easy to work with.  You don't need any more drama in your work.  In the past, I have been able to satisfy my clients...by REALLY LISTENING to the clients needs  ..PERIOD! 

OK......Let's get to work.

My Direction with Hobbies

I am fortunate (or NOT, depending on how you view it) in having hundreds of hobbies.  I am mostly self-taught in web development (old HTML style) and with PhotoShop, which is an endless source of joy and mind-bending creativity.  I've used it everyday since 1998 and still only know half of it.  From repairing old, loved photos, to fixing friends photo gaffs, to bottom-up creations for ads, logos and posters, it has been a god-send to me.  On the side, I also design and build one-of-a-kind, unique, high-end furniture. I've mastered in martial arts, ....love the German Shepherd breed ....and study quantum mechanics, follow steampunk and, of course, revel in photography, which has been a constant companion as long as I could 'focus'. No doubt, the future will hold more.

My mantra is: Always Keep Learning....Anything.

 Thanks for showing interest.

Ray Girard

"Keep yourself together...
and don't hurt no-one!"
                                                                ~Ray Girard
"Strive not to be a Success, but rather...     
to be of Value."
                                                               ~Albert Einstein
Staff!   Uhhh, well, my wife makes me coffee sometimes.
The cat.....does nothing!
NOTHING at all.
  1. Little One
    "Ya, he's good. Now can we go to the beach?"
  2. Jim Godsend Carriere
    Pancakes for me!!!!!"
  3. Mike Girard & Bo Moller
    "Sorry! Don't know the guy!"
  4. Flurry McFly
    "How'd my pic get on here? What's my lawyer's number?"
  5. Maya
    "No food? .......No comment!"
  6. Gandolf Girard
    "Great voiceovers...for a Hobbit!"
  7. 'Childhood friend' -WK
    "Don't ask me. Haven't seen him in 100 years!"
  8. Steve Sims Paul
    "Great voice. Can't sing worth beans!"
  9. Roxane of the Bay
    "Has a perfect face...for Radio!"
  10. Mike Steve Rift Mortimer Jones
    "Uhhhh.....He makes lovely pancakes!"

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 there is a story behind the name:

Photography ....is partly WHO I am,
so peruse a few, if you wish.