WHY am I in this business?

In the middle of a Metallurgy and Chemistry course at college, I decided I wanted to be in the closely related field of 'Radio Announcing'.   (???)  I took steps towards that, and was spurrned on by my parent's belief that my quest was ridiculous, foolhardy and without a basis in reality.  I succeeded in being ON THE RADIO in my hometown, where even my Mom could hear me.  She became proud, and I got old doing that job.  After many years, with many years inbetween, I found myself yearning to re-enter the voiceover part of radio....without the radio.  Voicing commercials after the on-air shift was an everyday part of it.  
I still like it.
Believe it or not, it is an artform, with many nuances, and attempting to perfect that
​is always a challenge.

Here's what I work at.....
Radio imaging - Let me give you a few, different versions of each... for you to try out.
Commercials - Radio & Television -Buried in music or just a few sound effects for your project.
Gaming video voiceover - Gratting, gruff, heroic, hideous? I will try!
Character voices - Not good on dialecs, but I can try to create what's in your head.
Teaching/Educational narration - Have always liked teaching. Will go for the voice that the students might accept.
Corporate video voiceover - Straight, clear, success-eminating vocal delivery.
Recorded venue introductions - The 'Grand' approach.
Entertainment venue audio - Scientific, instructional, Hallowe'en, holiday, seasonal......
Telephony applications - Clear, digital directions, usually with short sales promotion.
Small editing/mixing production - Not a full studio, by any means, but if your need is simple I will give you an honest answer.